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Welcome to Woodmen Theater

Our Theatrical Productions

Rookie Show

As educational theater, we strive to make theater a place that all students feel welcome. With the guidance of our veteran actors and technicians, students new to teacher can explore performance in a safe and inviting way.

Fall Play

As our first main stage production of the year, the fall play alternates between drama and comedy. Students who participate in all four plays will experience contemporary and historical plays that stretch their abilities both creatively and technically.

Spring Musical

The spring musical is a whole-school production bringing together actors, dancers, instrumentalists, construction, art, business and marketing, foods, lights and sound design, and so much more. Each aspect of the show is run by students with the guidance of their directors. The show proves there is a place for everyone in theater.

Middle School Musical

The middle school musical is a opportunity for our younger cast and crew to learn from their slightly older peers who will guide them through the learning process. This is a great opportunity to initiate newbies and challenge our more experienced students to put together a production that excites our Woodmen Community.

Student-led Production

To end the year, we wrap things up with a production led by students. Students will act as directors, designers, coaches, technicians. They will do everything from picking the pieces, designing the production, scheduling and running rehearsals, and putting it all together. It's a mix of all the best our community has to offer.

About Woodmen Theater

Our Vision

At Woodmen Theater, we believe that theater has the power to bring people together and strengthen communities. We are committed to producing theatrical productions that promote civic pride and inspire audiences.

Meet Our Team- [under construction]
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